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  • STDs and HIV

    Double Trouble: STDs and HIV Co-Infection

    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are an unfortunate part of life. Millions of people will contract an STD this year and, statistically, many of those people are completely unaware of their infection. While an unknown STD poses the risk of being spread countless times before being discovered, there’s another risk— the risk of co-infection— that is often overlooked. […] More

  • Main Cause Of Gonorrhea Infection

    Sexual Transmission is The Main Cause Of Gonorrhea Infection

    How does gonorrhea spread? Gonorrhea can be transmitted through clothing, swimming pools, sexual contact and mother-to-child transmission. Let’s take a look at the specific transmission routes of gonorrhea. 1. Contact-by-contact transmission It means that clothes, utensils, bedpans, baths, swimming pools, old newspapers, magazines, car handrails, stamps, banknotes, syringes, etc., which are most easily neglected by […] More