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  • The Hepatitis Virus

    You Can Become Infected With The Hepatitis Virus

    Hepatitis is a very common disease that can severely damage the liver. There are some viral hepatitis prevention options, but this is usually the case. If you do not want to get infected with hepatitis, it is important that you maintain good body hygiene and try not to live in crowded homes and especially in […] More

  • Questions About Hepatitis

    The Most Common Questions About Hepatitis

    Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Viruses cause most cases of hepatitis. The type of hepatitis is named for the virus that causes it; for example, hepatitis A, hepatitis B orhepatitis C. Drug or alcohol use can also cause hepatitis. How do u know if u have hepatitis? If you develop hepatitis C symptoms soon after infection, you might also have these symptoms: nausea or vomiting. stomach pain. joint or […] More

  • STDs

    Symptoms and Signs of Commonly Found STDs in Men

    Many people think that they will know the presence of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs in them. Though most of the STDs in men can be recognized by their symptoms but still there are many which have symptoms like some other health condition. Some of these diseases do not show any symptom. Some of the […] More

  • STDs And Treatments

    STDs And Treatments: Help You Understand More About STDs

    Sexually transmitted diseases have become quite common today. Gone are the days when people affected with these diseases would shy away and be treated as outcasts and social misfits. The leading cause of sexually transmitted diseases is having a large number of sexual partners. Most of the STDs have a cure but some even though […] More

  • Know About Hepatitis

    What You Need To Know About Hepatitis

    You probably need more information about hepatitis and – more importantly – how to treat it. Here is a brief overview of information about hepatitis, its therapy. Hepatitis C is a liver disease that causes the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Because hepatitis C is often asymptomatic, many people are not aware of their illness and […] More

  • What is an STI

    What is an STI? STIs and Their Symptoms

    What is an STI? An STI refers to a Sexually Transmitted Infection. Many terms have been employed over the years that refer to illnesses transmitted by humans through direct sexual contact. For a long time, the term that was most in vogue was venereal disease. The word“venereal”is derived from venereus, a Latin word that refers to sexual intercourse […] More

  • STDs and HIV

    Double Trouble: STDs and HIV Co-Infection

    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are an unfortunate part of life. Millions of people will contract an STD this year and, statistically, many of those people are completely unaware of their infection. While an unknown STD poses the risk of being spread countless times before being discovered, there’s another risk— the risk of co-infection— that is often overlooked. […] More