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  • AIDS May Be Cured

    Another Case Of AIDS May Be Cured

    Twelve years ago, the first “AIDS cure” appeared. After 12 years, it seems that there is a second case. The first case was “Berlin patient” Timothy Ray Brown, who was suffering from leukemia and received bone marrow transplant after chemotherapy failure. The person donated to his bone marrow happens to have a CCR5Δ32 mutation. The […] More

  • Who Will Never Get AIDS

    Is There Anyone In The World Who Will Never Get AIDS?

    What is AIDS? In 1981, Dr. Frederick Siegal of the United States first reported four cases of perianal ulcer caused by herpes simplex virus infection in the famous New England Journal of Medicine. Herpes simplex virus-induced skin ulcers are extremely rare in clinical practice. What is more surprising is that these four patients have many […] More