Can Syphilis Be Cured?

Syphilis Be Cured

The syphilis prevention and control experts have noticed that 75% of the infected people are now between the ages of 20 and 60, especially those over the age of 60.

Experts analyze that there are many opportunities for the elderly to be hospitalized for examination, and the elderly do not have condoms. And so on are the reasons.

Symptoms are not obvious and are easily missed

According to experts, syphilis may be asymptomatic in the early stage, and primary syphilis is mainly characterized by hard chancre and sclerosing lymphadenitis. The predilection of hard chancre is generally around the genitals.

Men are more common in glans, penile coronal sulcus and foreskin. Women are more common in the genitals and cervix. In addition, patients also occur outside the genitals, such as the mouth, anus and lips. low.

The hard chin is just a rash, dark red, and then develops into a papule, but it does not hurt. It forms an induration with a diameter of about 1 cm in a few days, and then a round or oval ulcer. If it is not treated, After a few days, you can dissipate on your own.

Another clinical symptom of the first-stage symptoms of syphilis is sclerosing lymphadenitis. After the hard chancre, the patient did not feel pain during this period, but the lymph nodes in the groin showed a hard bulge.

Some people have external genital ulcers, such as allergic erythema, rash and other surface symptoms. After 1-2 weeks of application, the surface can be cured, but the infected syphilis virus is not cleared.

It may be immune in 10, 20 or even 30 years. It was revealed by the decline of force and basic diseases. At this time, most of them have already reached the stage of syphilis III.

Many patients in the late stage of treatment are ignorant of the active screening of syphilis, which leads to infection in the family, “the most embarrassing.”

It has been found clinically that about 20% of women of childbearing age have no symptoms after infection with syphilis, and they will seek medical attention and detect syphilis infection until the third stage or even more severe.

Early syphilis can be treated with penicillin

Experts said that the detection of syphilis is very simple, you can take a blood, in the comprehensive medical institutions, the price of a syphilis is only 10 to 30 yuan. People who usually have high-risk sexual behavior should receive a syphilis screening every year.

After early infection, penicillin has a very good therapeutic effect, and most of them can be cured without further transmission.

Treatment of early syphilis: (1) with procaine penicillin G, 800,000 units / day, intramuscular injection, for 10 consecutive days, a total of 8 million units. (2) benzathine penicillin G (long-acting Xilin), 2.4 million units / time, divided into two sides of the arm muscle injection, once a week, a total of 2 times.

How long can early syphilis cure?

According to experts, early syphilis is caused by a three-week incubation period after infiltration of the spirochete. At the beginning, it was dark red infiltration at the immersion place.

After 2 weeks, it gradually swelled up and became a hard nodule, accompanied by erosion, ulceration, and oozing out of the slurry. It was called hard chancre.

Early syphilis is highly contagious. After 2-6 weeks, the hard chancre is self-resolving without leaving scars. If not treated or treated improperly, the spirochete spreads through the blood and lymph nodes to the whole body, and develops into a second phase after a few weeks. Syphilis is more harmful.

Early treatment of syphilis is easier to cure if it is treated properly. How long it can be cured varies from person to person, and is related to the patient’s constitution and condition.

The sooner the treatment is, the shorter the course of treatment will be. Early syphilis should be clinically and serologically examined until the serological test is negative or remains negative for more than three months.

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