Attentions During The Treatment Of Early Syphilis

Treatment Of Early Syphilis

Syphilis is a chronic systemic sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema pallidum infection. It is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse. The manifestation of this disease is extremely complex, which can invade almost all organs of the body and cause multiple organ damage.

Penicillin therapy for syphilis

Early syphilis: Including latent syphilis patients with stage I, II and less than two years of illness, can be given penicillin intramuscular injection, 1.2 million units per hip, a total of 2.4 million units, only once.

Late syphilis: including three stages of skin, mucosa, bone damage and other patients, the period of more than two years of latent syphilis, cardiovascular syphilis and neurosyphilis.

Procaine penicillin G can be intramuscularly injected into benign advanced syphilis (blood vessel, mucosa and bone, etc.) once a day for 600,000 units, 15 times in total, with a total dose of 9 million units. Or benzathine penicillin is injected once a week, 2.4 million units each time, three times, totaling 7.2 million units.

Treatment of syphilis in pregnant women: Early treatment of syphilis in patients with early syphilis can prevent the occurrence of congenital syphilis.

In syphilis endemic areas, pregnant women who may suffer from syphilis should have at least one serological examination in the first three months of pregnancy and three months before delivery.

Early treatment of congenital syphilis: For infants born to pregnant women with syphilis who have been treated, clinical and serological examinations should be carried out until the serological examinations turn negative or remain negative for more than three months.

Treatment of late congenital syphilis: The treatment of congenital syphilis over two years of age can be carried out according to the corresponding period of adult disease, and the dosage does not exceed the adult dose.

Other antibiotics: Many antibiotics other than penicillin are currently used to treat Treponema pallidum.

These antibiotics include erythromycins such as azithromycin, roxithromycin and rijunza, and tetracyclines such as doxycycline, oxytetracycline and streptomycin. In recent years, ceftriaxone sodium and cefotaxime sodium have been tried out, and good results have been achieved in clinic.

Attentions during the treatment of early syphilis

Early syphilis is highly infectious, and attention should be paid to avoiding transmission to others. The patient’s underwear and towel should be washed separately in time, boiled and disinfected, and not bathed in the same tub with others.

When hard chancre or flat condyloma around vulva or anus occurs, you can use Decoction of Chinese herbal medicine to clean heat, detoxify, dehumidify and kill insects to fumigate and wash the hip bath; pay attention to nutrition and enhance immunity during treatment; prohibit sexual life during treatment;

How long can early syphilis be cured? Early syphilis treatment emphasizes adherence to treatment, adequate drug use, as long as with the doctor’s scientific treatment, can be quickly cured. In addition, regular review is required after cure. If there is recurrence, corresponding measures should be taken actively.

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