Where to Get Free STD Testing in The United States?

Where to Get Free STD Testing

Over the past 50 years, CDC has been working tirelessly to curb and control the spread of Sexually transmitted diseases in American Teens and youth.

Every year USA witnesses millions of new cases of STD and it’s quite alarming. Research and closed surveys have shown that most of the times an STD infected person won’t show up for test and consequent treatment out of fear of social embarrassment and discard.

Even worse, some STDs won’t even show up signs unless the infection has spread dangerously. Information and right attitude towards life are your best guard against STD.

Where to get tested for STD?

Owing to the widespread nature of STD the American Health Department and CDC together have come a long way in providing free STD testing to affected persons or even those who want to get precautionary tests done.

There are a number of Sexual health clinics around the States that provide free std testing and help in providing proper medical aid and assistance.

Here is a list of clinics that provide STD test and assistance:

AHF Wellness Center, Oakland, CA, USA.

Riverside Sexual Health Clinic New York, NY, USA.

Washington, West Project Rapid testing clinic, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

AHF Wellness Center, South Beach, Miami Beach, FL, USA.

Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Maricopa County Public Health STD Clinic, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

AIDS Outreach Center, Fort Worth, TX, USA.

The above STD testing service list, the USA is the Country’s best clinics with reliable and confidential testing.

Most of these clinics provide free STD testing and charge minimally for STD treatment and medication.

Benefits of getting tested at Free STD testing clinics

Getting medical help along with testing can be very costly especially if you do not have proper insurance.

With STD growing at such a fast rate, both the Government agencies and private clinics have established free testing services to help those who are suffering to get a sign of relief and proper treatment.

Following are the list of benefits you get when you get testing services at any one of these clinics:  

You get free of cost testing for a list of STDs

Anonymous testing for those who want to keep their identity hidden.

At-home STD testing as per your convenience.

Test results delivered to you in full confidence within 48 hours.

Get an initial appointment with professional doctors at clinics near you.

Best medication assistance at low cost.

Apart from the above benefits the STD clinics may also provide you a free consultation if you do not have proper insurance and may also provide you free or concessional treatment as per government policies.

Best STD test service in the USA

AIM healthcare services provide hassle-free webs based STD testing services.

These test services are designed to conceal your identity, keep your results and information confidential, safe and secure and very convenient testing and result delivery exclusively to you, while keeping in mind your convenience and privacy.

The service provider has designed an online system wherein you can order your test and pay for it online.

You can choose the lab that suits your location and visits when you want to, for only five minutes. The test results will be delivered to you by hand within two days.

The company has around 4500 testing centers with all test approved by the FDA. Another important feature of this service is that those above the age of 16 do not need parental consent to get the test done.

AIM healthcare provide STD testing services of the following types of STD either in group or solo:

  1. HIV type 1 or 2
  2. Hepatitis A or B or C
  3. Herpes 1 or 2
  4. Chlamydia
  5. Syphilis
  6. Gonorrhea

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Apart from AIM, At home STD testing kits by InnerBody or free STD testing approved by FDA done by NPR are also reputed in the United States of America.

People looking for convenient, hassle free and private STD testing services may select any one of the above-mentioned service centers from the list and without hesitation may get them tested. Confidentiality is maintained in all the clinics and your information is kept private.

But before all this, what is more, important to know is that STD treatment does not mean immunization. A person who has been treated ones can get another STD if gets infected again.

So caution and thorough knowledge about types of STDs how they spread, their symptoms and how to avoid getting STD are critical to understanding.

What is STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases or STD are infections caused by germs, viruses, bacteria or parasites.

Such infections affect the genitals and private parts of the infected person and are easily transmitted through sexual activities like vaginal, oral or anal sex.

So, if a person is affected by STD, any form of sexual activity can transmit the infection to another person.

Along with this, there are some infections that can be spread by using, or coming in contact with infected towels, toilet seat, clothes or even by sharing the same toothbrush.

In the United States of America, people in the age group of 15-25 years are most affected by sexually transmitted diseases.

Every year millions of new cases of STDs are reported while several others go unreported. Knowing the signs and symptoms of STDs is essential to prevent it from happening and save you and your partner.

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Signs and symptoms of STDs

Although most of the time many types of STDs won’t show any signs or symptoms unless the infection has grown very high.

But by being cautious and taking heed of the following signs may help to prevent STDs from happening and affecting your life.

Persistent High fever.   

Cold and flu-like symptoms.   

Bumps and sores around private parts including vagina, penis, groin, inner sides of the thigh and around the anus.    

Pain and burning sensation while passing urine and stools.   

Bloody Discharge from genitals.   

Unpleasant and foul-smelling discharge from the vagina and penis.

Although some of the above signs and symptoms may correlate to other medical conditions like Urinary tract infection, common flu, etc if you see any of these signs its advice to consult a nurse or a doctor right away.

Types of STD

Sexually transmitted diseases can be caused by germs, parasite, bacteria or virus. Based on the type of infection STD can be of many types, there are at least twenty different types of STDs. Here is a list of the most common type of STIs that affect most American teens and youth:



Genital Herpes





Among the above-mentioned STDs, Chlamydia has been widespread, especially in women. Almost one in four cases of STD is that of Chlamydia.

How is STD spread

Sexually transmitted infections are contagious and are spread by contact with an infected person, most commonly through sexual activities.

Any type of sex oral, vaginal or anal sex can spread the infection to another person. Sometimes the infection is also found in the saliva hence sharing or the same toothbrush may also pass on the infection to another.

Most of the time, when a person has more than one sexual partner, there are high chances of getting the infection and passing it on to all other partners as well.

Also, if any person is a drug addict and takes needles or shared it with others, such sharing of needles is a potential threat to your health and can cause the spread of infections.

Trading of sex for getting money or drugs is another major reason for getting infected and spreading the infection as well.

If you or your partner have any signs of an infection it is advised to refrain from any sexual activity and consult your doctor immediately. The quick you cat the better our chances of full and faster recovery.

Words of caution

The World Health Organization has issued clear directives when it comes to prevention and cure of sexually transmitted diseases.

In light of the increasing number of cases of STDs in the USA, free STD testing labs, free medications, Proper treatment and adequate channels to provide guidance and educating youth towards the use of condoms, and practice safe sex, has been increasingly advocated.

WHO has also set up free medical treatment and sexual health camps for sex workers to keep them in good health and to reduce chances of infection and spread of STDs.

Such sex workers have to get regular health checkups and maintain good hygiene. WHO also encourages the use of Condom while taking their services, and advise to practice safe sex.

Although the use of a condom does not completely safeguard you against getting the infection, chances are considerably lower.

Apart from this, regular medical aid and health check-up camps are installed in a densely populated area.

Also as per WHO guidelines, for treatment of STDs, free testing, immunization, and medication will be provided to those who cannot afford the services or do not have the insurance.

Last but not least, the early you detect STDs, the better would be the chance of getting fully cured quickly.

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