How to cure STD – Let’s Find Out

How to cure STD

If you have contacted STDs, we say you have messed up your life. We are right. Once you contacted the STD, it is no use of thinking of preventing or regret.

The only thing you can do now is curing the STD, or at least mitigate the negative impact. We will discuss here a few points that will be useful and how to cure STD.

If you lead a promiscuous his life, there is a high probability of contracting STDs.

As a matter of confirmation, you need to undergo the process of diagnosis. You need to undergo blood test, urine test and get fluid samples tested.


The blood test confirm the diagnosis of HIV or AIDS or syphilis in the advanced stage.

Urine tests can prove that you suffer from an STD.

For diagnosing genital sores, fluid testing may help diagnose the sort of infection.

Laboratory testing of genital sores material or discharges is used to diagnose your STI.


Screening involved testing for the disease in in an individual who doesn’t exhibit any symptoms. Oftentimes, screening for STI is not a formal part of healthcare but there are certain exceptions.

Saliva or blood test

Everyone in the age group 13 to 64 is subject to a saliva or a blood test to check for HIV.

Screening for Hepatitis C

People born during the period 1945-1965 should undergo this test. The problem is hepatitis C cannot be diagnosed in the beginning stages. By the time the symptoms are occur, the disease becomes advanced.

Men in sex relaiton with men

Men in this group of run a high risk of getting STIs.

Pregnant women should undergo screening for hepatitis B, HIV ,syphilis and Chlamydia.

Women below 25 and sexually active

All women under this age group should undergo screening for an infection by Chlamydia.

The test is done with vaginal fluid or urine collected. gonorrhea screening is also essential.

HIV positive individuals

Individuals who have HIV have a high risk of getting other STDs. Experts advise individuals diagnosed with HIV should go for immediate testing for gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis and herpes.

Women aged 20 and 20+

The Pap test screening is done for abnormalities in cervix suggest any changes – inflammation and cancer.

Experts say beginning at 21 years, women should undergo Pap test in not less than three years. After 30, women should undergo an HPV DNA test as well as Pap test in not less than five years or three years.

Treatment – what kind of treatment?

STDs caused by bacteria is easier to cure. On the other hand, infections by viruses can be made less severe but they cannot be cured.

If you are pregnant women and have an STD, you should undergo treatment to prevent and mitigate the risk to the baby.

Treatment is as follows. This will give an idea on how to cure STD.

Using antibiotics

Antibiotics can often cure many STDs including infections by bacteria and parasites such as syphilis, Gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and Chlamydia.

You are treated for Chlamydia and gonorrhea at the same time as they occur simultaneously.

Once antibiotic treatment begins, it is important to finish it without skipping or intermittent gaps. This will help wipe out the causative germ completely and reduce the chance of regrowth of germs.

If you feel you’re unable to finish the whole course, request your doctor for a shorter course.

Give up sex until you finish the treatment and your sores heal.

Using antiviral drugs  If you consume suppressive therapy with respect to herpes, you will have fewer chances of the infection affection you again.

Antiviral drugs make the risk potential of infection less severe. It is still possible that you spread it to your partner.

Drugs used for viral infections can keep HIV infections in control for a long time to come, but the virus continues to be present in the body even though it is less risky.

You should start the treatment soon. Once you start the screen treatment, take your medication exactly as your doctor advised.

By this, you can reduce the number of virus to nearly to a level that is not that is not noticeable.

Curing an STD is a complex process. You have to take care of yourself in every respect. You have to maintain a healthy relationship, especially with respect to sex. Avoid unprotected sex. Show you’re trustworthy.

Cooperation from your family is also important – they would help you experience a psychological boost.

Discuss with your doctor, the health workers and the other professionals that are associated with your treatment. This will help you get the right treatment at the right time, which in turn will help cure the STD faster.

You need to follow your doctor’s advice strictly. It may be a little frustrating – visiting the doctor again and again and consuming the medications.

Don’t get overwhelmed. After all, it’s your life. Seek professional help. Follow these advice just discussed as an answer to how to cure STD.

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