Personalabs Guide and Review 2019: STD Blood Testing and Telemedicine Services

Personalabs Review 2019

How Lab Testing Works With Personalabs

Personalabs is a service that provides a health hub solution for an individual to go from worry to cure. We provide the individual with direct access to:

  • Over 300 lab tests on our website with access to thousands more
  • 2,300 patient service centers for specimen collection
  • Physician directed testing if you’re not sure which test you need
  • Quick and confidential results released electronically, directly to your account
  • Doctor consultations if you have questions regarding your results
  • Prescriptions for sexually transmitted diseases, erectile dysfunction and oral contraceptives (birth control pills)

The process is easy. You create an account and purchase your desired test(s). We generate a requisition order that you will take to the lab with you to get tested. You then visit a local lab to provide your specimen. Once your specimen has been tested, the lab releases your results directly to your account. See how simple? Customer service agents are standing by to assist you if you need help along the way.

There’s only so much self prognosis you can do with the sometimes out-of-line Google search results of your symptoms. It also doesn’t help that some diseases or infections, like sexually transmitted infections, can go undetected for years, since they don’t always have steady disease symptoms.

If for one reason or the other you don’t feel comfortable discussing your sexual history with your regular nurse or doctor – it can be sort of awkward and embarrassing – requesting an STD testing via the internet can be the most discreet way to find out which testing you need.

Personalabs is one of the fastest and easiest ways to know whether you’ve contracted a sexually transmitted disease(STD) without visiting a brick and mortar hospital. It also allows you take proactive measures against said infection by providing prescriptions, from certified doctors, when needed.

Besides, opting for doctor consultations and critical follow ups via telephone and video calls can reduce your health care costs, especially if you don’t have health insurance or have a very high deductible health insurance policy.

Test Process of Personalabs

Getting your specimen tested with Personalabs is a fairly simple process. First visit this website ( ) and create a personal healthcare account. This gives you access to over 300 lab tests to request.

If you aren’t sure what your symptoms are or could mean (asking your sexual partner/s about their sexual health is a good way to narrow down your options), you can have a physician direct what tests you need to order.

Once you place your request, a requisition order will be made available to you, which you’ll take along with you to any of the 2300 labs located nationwide.

After your specimen has been taken, the results will be uploaded to your patient portal within a day or two (though some results may take up to 10 days).

Even though the results uploaded are in an easy to understand format, you can request a consultation with one of the doctors if you still have unanswered questions. It’s quite easy.

Benefits of Getting Your Blood Work Online

In a bid to make health care accessible to all without red tape, personalabs has been able to provide the following other benefits.

Convenience – unless your symptoms are chronic, personalabs has made it such that you can diagnosed and prescribed drugs to some of your symptoms. All from the comfort of your home or office. Tests like general exam checkups can be requested online, and done at a local lab close to you. You request a consultation at a more convenient time, plus you don’t have to get approval from your insurance company before taking proactive measures on your health.

Affordable – Prices are discounted on nearly 400 tests, making them super affordable even to those without health insurance.

Discretion – not only is your health information protected through a secured patient portal accessible only by you, the anonymity allows you freely discuss any sensitive issue without feeling awkward or being paranoid.

Reduced Risks of Infection – aside from those working at the hospital, almost every other person is there to treat one ailment or the other. Some of which are contagious and deadly. Holding a doctor’s consultation from home severely cuts down your risk of getting infected by another sick patient.

Services Offered

There are over 390 tests that can be requested online, covering everything from female and male health, allergies, diabetes, cancer screenings and STD testing – all arranged in an alphabetical order for easy search.

If your symptoms don’t fit any of the over 390 tests displayed, you can have a customized requisition order tailored specifically to you. Some of the STDs you can have checked include:

– Gonorrhea

– Hepatitis (BandC)

– HIV, and many others. Check out this link to learn more (

To have your specimen taken, enter your zip code in the “my location” query box and the closest service centers to you will be suggested. Even though you won’t need to make an appointment at the specimen lab, you should contact them ahead to learn their service hours.

While Personalabs isn’t intended to replace your primary health care provider, it does offer consultation services with real doctors, in the event you have questions following your test result.

Doctors at this facility are also able to prescribe drugs for a few diseases including sexually transmitted diseases.

Customer Reviews

Jack Bonar – “I’ve been using their services for years now. I love that I can order my own test, get the results and satisfy a few nagging worries”

Meredith Samson – “it’s great getting lab work done at a fraction of its normal cost, especially because my family doctor has been happy prescribing drugs based on personalabs results”

Teri Jameson – “They’re the best! They’ve given be the chance to monitor my health by myself. Customer service is always stellar! I wish it was easier finding my patient portal pin, but customer service always provides excellent response, so I can’t complain”

Bridgette Otis – “user interface was super easy to navigate and customer service was excellent”

Nicole Knight – “I just loved the whole seamless experience. Would highly recommend”

Privacy and Security

Like most hospitals, where your medical history is compiled and stored in the facility, Personalabs has the right to retain records of your health. However each patient reserves the right to;

– Request copies of their medical records for personal use, usually made available through the patient portal

– Provide access of their medical record to a third party, like their primary health care provider

– Restrict or block access of their medical information to third parties

– Receive notifications when their medical records are disclosed to other parties

– Update their medical history, whenever they receive health care from a different provider

Aside from using your medical records to determine the right course of treatment for you, i.e. sharing limited records with labs that need to run your blood work or consultants who’ll be treating you, personalabs maintains the highest level of privacy with regards to patient care and data.

Your information will only be disclosed as required by law to health oversight, law enforcement, law suits or center for disease control.

If you have any queries about the privacy policy, feel free to contact the privacy officer at personalabs.

Personalabs Cost and Payment

Taking proactive measures against fatal diseases requires regular blood work. Unfortunately, while health insurance companies don’t want you sick, they also don’t want to constantly bear the brunt of the tests you’ll need for early detection.

On average, the cost of lab tests can be pretty steep, especially if you don’t have health insurance – ranging anywhere from $100 to $3,000. Because these astounding costs can deter those who need testing, personalabs offers a ton of discounts, with some tests even being under $50.

In fact, ordering your test online can save as much as 85% if you get a really good deal. Just check for promotions before ordering your test.

Getting your test done online is hence a lot better than the traditional route, if you don’t have insurance, and the specialist you need to draw up your requisite order has a waiting list.

Does personalabs accept health insurance?

While costs are kept extremely low right now, Personalabs doesn’t accept direct payment from insurance providers seeing as the idea behind them is to cut down red tape.

Payments can’t be made in cash or check, only via major cards or secure websites like paypal and applepay. This payment will be made when you’re requesting your requisite form, so you won’t need to make a separate payment in the lab.

What’s the refund policy at Personalabs?

You can read more about this in their terms and conditions section, but the long and short of it is that you’ll need to cancel your order 7 days after making your order or risk getting a credit to your name instead.

Even at that, $15 will be deducted to pay for the expense incurred from making and cancelling your order and it will take between 3 to 5 business days before the refund is reflected in your account.

Customer Service at Personalabs

They’ve done their best to make themselves indispensable to you through out the week. As such, you can talk to support Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 6pm, live chat from 8:30am to 10pm on Monday to Friday and for a limited time on Saturdays, tweet or email them and hope for a response within the next 24 hours.

There’s also an FAQ section, so with a bit of research, you may be able to answer your questions without even calling them.

Accessibility and Convenience

Again, one of the best things about ordering your tests online is that you don’t have to wait for hours before some big shot doctor orders a test for you. You can take preemptive measures yourself right from your couch or bed via;

– phone calls

– video calls

– via the patient portal.

Note that while testing is generally offered to those 18 years and above, Personalabs also allows STD testing for 16 year olds who need discreet services. So there’s literally no reason to suffer in silence.

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