EverlyWell Guide and Review 2019: Lab Testing Made Easy For STDs

EverlyWell Review 2019

EverlyWell Lab Testing Made Easy.

EverlyWell is among the widely known providers of at-home sexually transmitted diseases (STD) testing kits. STDs can affect both men and women, and some of these diseases do not show any symptoms and the carriers of the viruses can transmit them to other individuals.

If you exhibit any symptom or you suspect exposure to any STD such as chlamydia, hepatitis c, syphilis or gonorrhoea, you should take the necessary tests so that you can make an informed decision on your health.

Privacy is important when it comes to testing of STDs and that is the key reason EverlyWell makes the STD testing convenient and more reliable.

The privately held company, EverlyWell, is dedicated to preventive medicine, wellness, health, and digital health. They provide various at-home testing solutions from STD to cardiovascular panels.

The company came into being in the year 2015 and its headquarters are in Austin, Texas. The CEO and founder, Julia Taylor Cheek, is a graduate of Harvard Business School. They determined to offer the best services.

EverlyWell’s partner labs are the same laboratories used by hospitals and physicians around the US, maintaining the same standards of quality and excellence as hospital labs.

Each lab we partner with is CLIA-certified by the federal government, which means they must meet high precision, accuracy, and validity standards, obtain both state and federal certifications, and submit themselves to regular inspections as well as independent third-party performance verifications.

EverlyWell conducts original clinical research to inform the medical and scientific community, engage customers in their healthcare journey, and further our understanding of how our community utilizes our products to improve their health and wellness.

The research is guided by the latest approaches to nutrition, heart health, gender-specific wellness, and sexual wellness. We incorporate clinical and data science best practices to understand complex, real world data.

Partner Labs, CLIA, and CAP

EverlyWell offers access to our laboratory partners’ Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs). An LDT has been defined by the FDA as a test that is intended for clinical use and is designed, manufactured and used within a single laboratory. There are an estimated 11,000 labs offering as many as 100,000 LDTs in the US, and LDTs are performed by most laboratories in the US.

Laboratory testing in the US is also regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). All of our labs and tests comply with CLIA-mandated regulations, which is primarily administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in partnership with state health departments.

All of EverlyWell’s partner labs are CLIA-certified; many are also accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the gold standard in lab testing quality regulation.

All of our lab partners perform third-party proficiency testing on a quarterly basis, and most do so through CAP or equivalent organizations.

Physician Review and Partner Labs

EverlyWell offers consumers the opportunity to initiate a request for a laboratory test. In many states, consumers are not permitted to order their own tests without the review and authorization of a board-certified medical doctor.

To obtain independent physician review of customer test requests and results, EverlyWell works with a third-party independent network of board certified physicians.

These physicians provide authorization, review, and consultation services for EverlyWell customers related to the customers’tests. All customers have the ability to speak with one of the board-certified physicians prior to purchasing a test.

When EverlyWell receives a test request from a customer, the request is sent to the independent physician network through a HIPAA-secure Application Programming Interface (API).

A board-certified independent physician licensed to practice medicine in the state the test is ordered in then reviews the request and determines whether the test is appropriate for the customer.

If the physician determines that the test is not appropriate for the customer, the physician will notify EverlyWell, who will contact the customer and provide a refund.

If the physician determines that the test is appropriate for the customer, the physician will order the test. After the sample is collected, sent to the partner laboratory, processed and tested, the partner laboratory will send the customer’s test report to the physician for review.

After the independent physician reviews and approves the results, they are released to EverlyWell and delivered to the customer and can be viewed in the customer’s online results dashboard.

Some of EverlyWell’s test markers have a predetermined “critical value.” The physician network maintains a list of all “critical values” and triages all out-of-range results. If a customer has a critical value result, the physician network’s customer services team will contact the customer via telephone.

In the case of STD testing, if a customer has a positive result EverlyWell will hold the customer’s results and not release them to the customer until the physician network has contacted the customer directly (or after 3 failed attempts at contact).

Customers with positive STD test results may be offered a free STD consultation with a physician and prescription for treatment where appropriate.

Process of Testing

The EverlyWell STD Testing is among, if not the simplest, fast and accurate tests and it is therefore recommendable. EverylyWell STD Testing requires you to place an order and you will receive the test kit in your home in a few days.

After receiving it, you will have to follow the included instructions to collect blood and swab samples (for women) or blood and urine samples (for men).

After that, you will send the collected samples to them by mail. Nothing on the packaging will show that you have taken an STD test; it will look like you have ordered an item from one of the online stores.

The collection of samples can take around 30 minutes and after sending the samples, you will receive the results within 5 work days. Women should never collect the samples while on period.

EverlyWell’s STD Test tests include:

–  Test for Chlamydia

–  Test for Hepatitis C

–  Test for Syphilis

–  Test for Gonorrhoea

–  Test for Herpes Type 2 (HSV Type 2)

–  HIV (1and2)

–  Trichomoniasis

What to expect in the test kit

The kit includes everything that you need, such as the returning bag and the postage. The kit will come with a Unique Kit ID number that will work as your identifier during the testing process. You can use a pseudonym, an anonymous name or your real name at the ordering stage.

You might get squeamish around the blood, but you just need to prick one of your fingers and drop a single drop of blood onto the provided card using a lancet. Most individuals hate needles, but the part is as painless as providing the blood sample.

After EverlyWell receives your samples, a board-certified physician in your state will analyze them and present the results. EverlyWell will take the results and email them to you.

If your tests are positive for anything, one of their representatives will call you to discuss the treatment option. One of the options is prescribed medication through EverlyWell.

The process is very different from the traditional processes, which require a lot of time. Traditionally, you will have to book an appointment in a health facility, get to that appointment and wait in the facility to take the tests. You will then drive to your home.

You have to keep in mind that the sexually transmitted diseases have an incubation process of 2 weeks to 3 months from the sexual encounter.

If you are already experiencing several STD symptoms, which might be worsening, it is good you consult a doctor directly or visit the nearest clinic to get immediate care.

Benefits in EverlyWell

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by opting for EverlyWell STD testing:

– At-home STD testing. You do not have to visit any hospital

– The testing procedure is simple and convenient

– The tests are expertly curated

– The results are accurate and reliable. A physician has to review them.

– You will get detailed explanations in addition to actionable insights

– Good privacy policy

– CLIA-certified lab

– Budget-friendly prices

– FSA and HAS accepted

Testing Service

EverlyWell provides every client with video or phone consultations. The consultations are free for people who test positive for trichomoniasis, HSV-1, gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Their network has many expert physicians and one of them will call you on the day they send your positive results.

And if you miss their call by any chance, they will call you again after two work days. The physicians also provide prescriptions in around 34 states. The video consultation is mandatory for the telehealth consults in Georgia, Vermont, and Ohio.

In addition to the STD panels, EverlyWell has been offering other tests such as Breast Milk DHA Test, Testosterone Test, Ovarian Reserve Test, and many others. People have been relying on their general weight and energy tests and DNA (genomics) tests.

EverlWell collaborated with Helix to introduce genomic processing. Helix is widely known for its successful collaboration with the National Geographic and their participation in the genetic ancestry testing.

Currently, EverlyWhere services are available in 46 states. Medical regulations have prevented the offering of the services in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

Customer saying

Most of the customers are happy with the low pricing and others are happy about the convenience and privacy.

They also claim that the services are quick and precise while the staffs are friendly. However, some dislike the fact that they do not work on weekends and holidays and they do not accept video calls in most states.

Privacy and security

With EverlyWell STD test services, you should not worry about your privacy. The company has adopted several security measures to protect your personal information. They also use bank-grade encryption. Their security safeguards include:

– They protect all the data through AES-256 encryption

– the same cipher that the military is currently using.

– They use Catalyze for data hosting. Catalyze is a HIPAA compliant platform.

– Stripe, which is a credit card information storage and processing handle the direct communications. It is PCI compliant.

– You can only access the official website through HTTPS. That ensures safe connections and prevents interactions with any other site.

EverlyWhere will keep your records permanently. However, you can request them to delete them if you are worried about your security and privacy.

Cost and payment

EverlyWell accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and FSA and HAS payments. When paying with FSA or HAS method of payment, you will have to request the itemized receipt because it is important in reimbursement.

EverWell has been selling at-home testing solutions that do not require the patient to visit a doctor, hospital or labs. As a result, your health insurance policy will not cover them. And because your insurance plan will not cover the test, they charge a low amount to make up for that.

They offer both tests men and women as combined or single tests. The combined tests cover seven of the commonest STDs andquot; gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis C, and trichomoniasis. They will contact you with the results within 2-3 weeks.

A single test will cost you $69, while the combined tests will cost you $199. All their labs are CLIA-certified, but they do not accept tests from Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey residents.

Customer service

If you need help, you can contact EverlyWell customer support through their official email, call by phone or send a support request. They provide customer support from Monday to Friday between 9.00AM and 5.00 PM CST.

In addition to the customer support contact, you can use the extension on their official website that covers the frequently asked questions. The answers are informative and extensive.

Accessibility and convenience

To buy the EverlyWell STD tests, you just need to go to their official website. After proceeding to the checkout part, the website will prompt you to enter your first/last name, shipping address, email, ZIP code, city, and the state. You will need to select your preferred payment method to complete the ordering process.

The shipment leaves their fulfilment warehouse in less than 2 work days andquot; after placing the order andquot; and you should receive it in 3 to 5 work days or 5 to 8 work days during the holiday seasons. EverlyWell does not require you to sign anything after receiving the package unless you used your business address.

EverlyWell provides you with an ID code that comes with the kit. Enter the unique code in your account on the EverlyWell account before proceeding with the testing protocol. The page is situated near the right top corner of the official website.

Check inside the kit for the registration slip, which contains the ID code. The kit also comes with the collection tools, instructions, prepaid shipping package, and a sample container. The package has no content indications or company markings, which means that it is anonymous.


EverlyWell is a better STD testing option for people on tight budgets. Moreover, it does not make any sacrifices when it comes to reliability, accuracy and service quality. The company provides several other options beyond the STD field in addition to many other benefits and features. However, you should also be careful about your sexual life.

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