Three Therapies for Genital Herpes with High Risk

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV), mainly HSV-2, a small number of HSV-1. It is one of the common venereal diseases. Repeated genital herpes can affect the health and psychology of patients with genital herpes.

Genital herpes can also infect newborns through placenta and obstetric tract, leading to congenital infection of newborns. Therefore, genital herpes is also one of the more serious public health problems, we should pay attention to the effective prevention and treatment of genital herpes.

Why is genital herpes high?

1. Genital herpes can not be cured for a long time: it is a purple-red infectious disease, periodic occurrence, lingering, and genital herpes is also prone to cause infertility, infertility, stillbirth, teratism and other phenomena.

2. Repeated recurrence of genital herpes: genital herpes recurrence: usually infected with this disease in 1-4 of the body will immediately produce antibodies against herpes virus after suffering from genital herpes, but it is very difficult to completely eliminate the virus, so the virus is easy to latent in the body of patients with genital herpes, waiting for the opportunity to recur again. 。

3. There are many complications of genital herpes: more complications of genital herpes, more concealed symptoms in the early stage of onset, the symptoms of genital herpes itself are not terrible, and after about half a month, the symptoms will be relieved, but the more terrible are other complications caused by herpes, such as prostatitis, ulcers, inflammation, etc., which often mislead the treatment of genital herpes when tested. Direction, cause no target.

How to treat genital herpes?

Genital herpes experts introduced that the treatment of genital herpes as long as the patient’s cooperation is completely curable, the cooperation here is to hope that patients not only on time for treatment, medication.

but also during the treatment of genital herpes prohibited sexual life, spouses should also be treated together, otherwise even if cured or will be reinfected, patients in diet and living habits also have to More attention, light diet, good hygiene habits are very helpful to the pathogenesis.

As long as we adhere to scientific, standardized and systematic treatment, there is a complete hope of cure.

Genital herpes therapy 1. To maintain the integrity, cleanliness and dryness of local herpes wall, avoid secondary bacterial infection, not scratch, not to use lotion arbitrarily, even to use, but also under the guidance of doctors.

Drug dosage should also be strictly in accordance with the regulations, otherwise it will damage the vaginal environment, not only no benefit to the pathogenesis, but also aggravate the condition.

Genital herpes therapy II. If local genital herpes skin lesions secondary infection can choose sensitive antibiotics, supplemented by irrigation, disinfection, drug treatment.

Genital herpes therapy 3. For those with severe local pain, aspirin, indomethacin and other analgesics, 5% lidocaine hydrochloride ointment can be used to treat genital herpes.


To cure genital herpes, patients should first establish confidence in curing genital herpes, and then actively cooperate with doctors in the treatment of genital herpes, strictly in accordance with the requirements of medication.

So as to cure genital herpes faster, patients if there is any discomfort must go to the hospital for examination, because genital herpes will not be good because of your delay, but certainly. It will be aggravated by untimely treatment, so timely medical treatment, early examination and early treatment of genital herpes are the best.

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