The Best Ways of Getting Rid Of Herpes

Getting Rid Of Herpes

There are many people all over the world suffering from herpes. Apart from knowing the type of virus that caused the infection, this medical condition can well be treated, if you know how to deal with it exactly. If you are infected by herpes virus and are trying to find out a solution to get rid of it, you have landed on the right page.

The following information will help you understand herpes and the various treatments that can help cure the condition.

We are sure it could go a long way in understanding the disease better and then plan the right kind of treatments based on the types of infection, the intensity, the overall medical condition and other such attributes.

The article will also share information about the kind of diets that could help in managing the situation better and help in faster and rapid recovery and cure from this disease.

What is Herpes?    

Herpes is a viral infection which is recurrent in nature and generally affects the skin and the mucous membranes. Herpes viruses can be categorized into two types:

Herpes Simplex Virus-1: This normally affects oral region such as lips, gums, tongue and inside of the mouth. This is the most common of the herpes viruses, and is capable of affecting both kids and adults equally.

There are instances where the symptoms might resemble a common mouth ulcer. Hence, if the ulcer does not heal and spread to other parts of the body, then it is important that you must not ignore the symptoms and contact a doctor so that the risk of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 infection is ruled out.

Herpes Simplex Virus-2: This virus normally affects the genital area in both males and females. In this case, the outbreak naturally occurs around the genitals for both genders and also in the urethra, in females, causing vaginal infection. This is also a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and adults are more prone to this infection compared to kids.

If you are careful in your sexual habits and take protective steps and indulge in careful sex, using condoms and other such things, you could reduce the risk of being infected with the Virus-2 variant of Herpes Simplex.

Treating Herpes    

A few decades ago, people were panicky, when they were infected with Herpes. They believed that there was no cure to it and a person who was impacted was doomed to death. However, this is not the case anymore.

With better technology, better screening and better diagnosing methods, it is possible to be totally free from the disease. There are powerful medications which help the persons to get completed cured within a short period of time.

Various studies and researches have shown that herpes virus is present in almost 50% of the people world over. Some serum studies even claim that all most all humans are infected with herpes at least once in their lifetime. This shows how predominant the virus is. This also helps us in understanding the importance of curing the virus at the right time and prevents others from acquiring it.

Natural Remedies    

Revitalize your immune system: People having a good and healthy immune system are less prone to herpes. The reason being, the anti viral elements that are present in huge numbers in a person with healthy immune system, can fight the herpes simplex viruses more efficiently and make them less prevalent in the blood stream.

Hence revitalizing your immune system with the help of right programs and therapies is very important for you to lead a healthy and herpes free life. There are many powerful antioxidants and other naturally occurring medications that could help in increasing the immune power quite a bit.

Taking the right Supplements: Following are different natural therapy intakes that can cure herpes effectively:

Carotenes: Beta-carotenes play an important role in herpes simplex virus inhibition. They increase the growth of white cells that have the capability of fighting viral infections of this nature effectively. They are also capable of increasing the number of antiviral T-helper cells exponentially, to help get rid of the herpes.

Zinc and Vitamin C: These can help reduce the recurrence of the herpes outbreaks by reducing the stress and other triggers. There are always certain conditions that trigger dormant herpes viruses which lead to out breaks such as stress, anxiety, hyper tension, etc. Zinc and Vitamin C help encounter such outbreak triggering issues.

However, you have to be sure that you choose naturally occurring sources of Vitamin C and Zinc, rather than going in for synthetic ones. Quality is important and the natural sources of Zinc and Vitamin C could be expensive but you must not try and cut corners on this under any circumstances.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E plays an important role in lessening the pain in the affected areas and will also help quicken the process of healing.

Thymus Extract: Thymus Extracts help increase the response of the white cells to the herpes virus by increasing interferon production which in turn leads to killing the simplex virus cells. It is capable of successfully negotiating simplex viruses when there are frequent triggers. It can also help people having weak resistance power and inferior immune systems by preventing the recurring outbreaks.

Immunotherapy: This is a new therapy that fights the herpes viruses by increasing the power of the immune system of the infected person. This type of therapy uses natural tea tree oil, aloevera and eucalyptus to treat herpes. It also includes Vitamin B supplements such as bee pollen, yeast, whole grains and seaweeds for a quick recovery.

Diet: Diet plays an important role in limiting the recurrence of the number of outbreaks. It is a proven fact that a diet which is rich in lysine and which contains a very little or no arginine helps reducing the number of outbreaks.

People suffering from herpes are advised to take a lot of milk along with fresh fish and chicken as they contain the necessary nutrients to fight herpes viruses successfully. Breaking the diets into smaller portion and spreading it across four or five meals is always a much better option.


The above mentioned therapies and supplements are some of most effective ways of curing herpes. For an effective and quick cure from herpes, you are suggested to follow the best programs and diet regimes recommended by professionals who have enough experience in treating similar conditions.

Your physician without any doubt is your best guide and you must ensure that you follow his or her advice as best as you possible can for getting the best results.

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