How Is Genital Herpes Infected?

Genital Herpes Infected

Genital herpes, also known as genital herpes, is a sexually transmitted disease caused by herpes simplex virus.

In foreign countries, the incidence of genital herpes is second only to gonorrhea and syphilis in sexually transmitted diseases, and the third highest incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

It is the first among sexually transmitted diseases caused by viruses. Here are some tips on how to spread genital herpes and how to prevent it.

1. The disease is mainly transmitted through contact with sexual organs. Herpesvirus (HSV) enters the body through mucosal or skin damage, first grows at the entrance, and then spreads through the blood line or nerve pathway.

Patients and asymptomatic carriers of the virus are the main source of infection. In adults, the positive rate of genital herpes virus antibodies is higher. It is generally about 10-70%, mainly due to changes in socioeconomic status and sexual life.

Prevention: Correctly establish your own sexual life perspective, do not have multiple sexual partners.

2. A small number can be transmitted through contaminated items. Such as clothes, quilts, etc.

Prevention method: wash clothes and dry quilts.

3, the newborn can be infected through the birth canal.

Prevention: Do not consider giving birth to children until they are well treated.

How to prevent genital herpes:

1. Resolutely eliminate sexual promiscuity: 60% of patients with genital herpes are infected through sexual contact. One of the family members is infected with the society, and the spouse is transmitted through sexual life. It is also possible to pass on to other people in the family through close contact with the family. This brings both physical pain and family disharmony and stress.

2. Prevent contact infection: do not use other people’s underwear, swimwear and bath tub; do not wash basins in public baths, advocate showers; use squat toilets in public toilets; wash hands with soap before going to the toilet; not dense, disinfection is not strict Swimming in the pool.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene: clean the vulva daily, change the underwear, and clean the individual underwear. Even family members should be able to make one person and one basin, and the towels should be used.

4. Spouse should be prohibited from sexual life after the illness: If the spouse only has physical therapy, although the genital herpes visible in the vulva disappears, the patient still carries the hsv virus, and should also receive comprehensive treatment of oral and external washing drugs. Review after treatment. If you have sex during this time, you can use a condom for protection.

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