What Is The Danger Of Male Gonorrhea?

Danger Of Male Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a very serious disease. Many people suffer from such diseases, which are very harmful to the health of patients.

If you find that you have such a disease, you should treat it promptly to avoid serious and serious harm to your health.

The dangers and complications of gonorrhea:

1. gonorrhea glans dermatitis: purulent discharge of gonorrhea will stimulate the glans and the inner skin of the foreskin. At the beginning, there will be local burning, itching, slight pain, foreskin edema, and inner leaf erosion.

There will also be flushing and mild erosion in the glans. The severe foreskins will appear as edema, can not be turned up, the glans are swollen, and often followed by inflammatory phimosis.

2. gonorrhea secondary urethritis: the paraurethral opening mostly around the outer urethra, or the ligament, or the dorsal side of the penis along the midline skin.

If the gonorrhea patient has such a paraurethral tract, it is easily affected and obvious inflammation occurs. Lymphocytic bacteria can be detected in purulent secretions, which is one of the sources of gonorrhea infection.

3. gonorrhea urethral stricture: chronic gonorrhea is not treated in time, after several months or a few years, it is easy to cause urethral stricture, the patient has no obvious feeling at the beginning.

However, afterwards, you will gradually feel that there is poor urination, frequent urination, weak urinary tract, and inability to direct, until it can not be discharged or just drip out. Progressive urethral stricture, if not treated early, the consequences are extremely poor, sometimes life-threatening.

Reasons for male gonorrhea

1. Unsanitary husband and wife life

Gonorrhea is a great genital transmission disease. Unclean love will directly lead to infection of the disease. Male gonorrhea is almost always caused by love and love.

Gonorrhea patients are a source of infection, with a high rate of transmission and a high infection rate, usually occurring 3-5 days after infection.

2. Low immunity

If the patient’s immunity is low due to various reasons, if you accidentally come into contact with the secretions of the gonorrhea patients or contaminated utensils, such as towels with secretions, foot cloth basins, clothes, even the toilet seat of the toilet, etc. Can be infected with gonorrhea.

3. Traumatic infection

When various skin injuries cause the patient’s skin to rupture, the gonococcal virus can invade the body through a small ruptured wound on the skin or mucous membrane.

After a few days of incubation, the bacteria will multiply to a sufficient number to start the disease. Therefore, fracture wounds should be treated with caution.

How do men get infected with gonorrhea?

In our lives, many men suffer from gonorrhea for the above reasons. What should I do when a man has gonorrhea?

1. check the spouse

At the same time as gonorrhea patients, their spouses should also go to the hospital for genital disease examination, in order to find the problem, husband and wife with the same treatment, as soon as possible.

2. couple life is prohibited

During the treatment of gonorrhea patients, the husband and wife should be absolutely forbidden to avoid causing genital congestion and edema, which will aggravate the symptoms. More importantly, gonorrhea is highly contagious to prevent transmission to others.

3. avoid fatigue

After suffering from gonorrhea, a considerable number of patients are embarrassed because they are ashamed to talk about it. They are often forced to work with the disease.

This is extremely unfavorable for the treatment of gonorrhea. Patients with acute gonorrhea should be absolutely rested in bed to avoid fatigue.

4. personal cleaning

Patients with gonorrhea should take a bath and keep the perineum clean. The patient’s underwear, underwear, sheets and other supplies should be washed frequently, changed frequently, and often exposed to the sun.

5. pay attention to diet

Avoid drinking alcohol and eating spicy food, which is extremely unfavorable for the treatment of gonorrhea. Be sure to pay more attention.

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