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  • Nurx HPV Screening

    Nurx HPV Screening: Easy Take Sample and Test at Home

    WHAT IS HPV? HPV is a very common sexually transmitted virus. An estimated 75% of sexually active adults have had it. While there are more than 150 different strains of HPV, Nurx home test screens for the 14 high-risk strains that potentially lead to cervical cancer. AVOID THE STIRRUPS No appointment is necessary. Nurx home HPV screening […] More

  • HPV infection: TOP10 Questions You Should Know in 2019

    HPV or Human Papillomavirus, is a very common virus transmitted through sexual activity. There are over 150 different strains of HPV, and it is the high risk HPV strains that are responsible for about 70% of cases of cervical cancer. About 75% to 80% of sexually active adults are estimated to have had an HPV […] More

  • What is HPV Common Signs

    What is HPV Common Signs And Prevention?

    The human papillomavirus or HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases these days. In fact, this condition is comprised of more than 100 related viruses, with 30 of them are linked to different forms of cancer. Depending on the type that you are suffering from, HPV would lead to warts on different […] More

  • HPV Treatment


    HPV Treatment: What Can You Do For Your Genital Warts?

    If you do not know what HPV is, we would like to tell you that it is human papillomavirus. People who suffer from HPV develop warts on all areas of the skin. People who have warts for HPV try to hide because they are ugly. Such warts can embarrass people. The good news is that […] More

  • The HPV Virus


    The HPV Virus is Far Simpler To Spread

    One incredible thing about the data age is the measure of free data that exists out there. There are a ton of extraordinary things to be had out there and in the event that you are a savvy individual, you can basically discover it effortlessly. For example, on the off chance that you are looking […] More

  • How is HPV transmitted

    We Should Know How is HPV transmitted

    More than 50% of the populace is likely strolling around with some HPV infection. Contingent on the strain, the virus can be transmitted from individual to individual in various ways. The most generous strains, those which cause different types of moles on hands, feet, elbows, and knees, can be transmitted decently effectively. This can happen […] More

  • Fight HPV Symptoms

    Improving Your Immune System to Fight HPV

    HPV diseases are regularly unnoticeable because they don’t give indications of moles or different injuries. Although you don’t demonstrate HPV symptoms, they may wind up visible later, and you may taint others. Learn More About HPV symptoms It doesn’t make a difference whether you have HPV symptoms or not, and it will all be founded […] More

  • Manage HPV Treatment

    What is HPV? How To Manage HPV Treatment

    What is HPV? HPV (Human papillomavirus) is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease. The virus is transmitted through skin to skin contact or genital contact (anal or vaginal sex). There are more than two hundred types of HPV. Approximately 40 types of HPV affect the following areas: mouth, throat, rectum, anus, women sexual […] More

  • Health Effects Caused By HPV

    Common STDs: Some Health Effects Caused By HPV

    HPV is the most common STD and at least 50% of sexually active people will get it at some time in their lives. The body usually clears HPV on its own without causing any problems, but HPV can lead to certain kinds of cancer. Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are a group of related viruses. They can […] More