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  • Nurx PrEP Daily Pill

    Nurx PrEP Daily Pill: Up to 99% Effective at Preventing HIV?

    What is PrEP? PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) is for people who are not living with HIV and would like to remain HIV-negative and is a combination of safe sex practices and a daily medication. Currently, the only FDA approved medication for PrEP is Truvada®. It was approved for HIV prevention in 2012 and contains two medications: […] More

  • STDs and HIV

    STDs and HIV – Symptoms, Precautions and Treatment

    STDs, that is, Sexually Transmitted Diseases are infections that contract from one person to another by sexual contact andquot; vaginal, anal and oral. Some examples of STDs are hepatitis, syphilis, HIV. STDs and HIV have assumed dangerous proportions in diverse parts of the globe. STDs are also called sexually transmitted infection or STI. Whether you […] More

  • HIV Testing

    Easy And Confidential HIV Testing

    Because of its status as a generalized disease and one of the biggest problems for medical foundations around the world, it is not surprising that the treatment and detection of HIV have greatly advanced since its introduction. Over time, new methods have emerged to highlight the advances in many HIV test metrics: speed, stability, reliability, […] More

  • Early HIV Symptoms


    Do I Have HIV? Early HIV Symptoms

    Learn about the early stage of HIV and the symptoms that may be experienced during it. HIV cannot be diagnosed based on symptoms alone. The only way to know for sure if you have HIV is to get tested for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. There are three stages of HIV: The early stage, the latency stage […] More

  • Who Will Never Get AIDS

    Is There Anyone In The World Who Will Never Get AIDS?

    What is AIDS? In 1981, Dr. Frederick Siegal of the United States first reported four cases of perianal ulcer caused by herpes simplex virus infection in the famous New England Journal of Medicine. Herpes simplex virus-induced skin ulcers are extremely rare in clinical practice. What is more surprising is that these four patients have many […] More

  • Prevention Of AIDS

    You Should Know The Symptoms And Prevention Of AIDS

    Etiology of AIDS AIDS originated in Africa. It also spread among Haitian youth in 1979 and was brought to the United States by immigrants. In 1981, after a retrovirus was reported to be capable of destroying the human immune system in the United States, Montagnier et al. of Pasteur Institute in France first isolated a […] More

  • Why Does AIDS Destroy

    Will Mosquitoes Spread AIDS?

    There is a spherical virus, 1 micron in diameter, but it can turn the human world upside down. It is the well-known human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – HIV. Human infection with this virus can lead to immune deficiency, and trigger a series of other pathogenic microbial infections and tumors, which can lead to death in […] More

  • Prevent PrEP Before HIV Exposure

    Why Should We Prevent PrEP Before HIV Exposure?

    About 2.7 million people worldwide diagnose HIV infection every year; sex is the main route of HIV infection. As of June 30, 2017, 718,270 people living with HIV/AIDS were reported nationwide, with 221,628 reported deaths. There were 419 101 cases of HIV-infected patients and 299 169 cases of AIDS patients. Unsafe sex is the most […] More