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  • About Preventing AIDS

    Some Little Tips About Preventing AIDS

    HIV has still no fix Nor is there an exceptional eating regimen for HIV patients. The human immunodeficiency infection that causes the sickness, is by all accounts unconquerable. By the by, it is presently a built-up actuality that great nourishment can avert or postpone weight reduction and other related confusions. Included insurances are important for […] More

  • First Signs Of AIDS


    HIV infection: Before The First Signs Of AIDS Appear

    Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is characterized by a decrease in the protective functions of the body due to the low content of cells responsible for the immune system – in particular, CD-4 lymphocytes. It is they who are affected by HIV, however, referring to the group of “slow” viruses, it lets know about itself soon. Usually, […] More

  • You Are Infected With AIDS

    Can You Give Birth To A Healthy Baby If You Are Infected With AIDS?

    Sometimes there are some flying disasters in life, which pushes the original smooth life into the abyss. One of the most unfortunate ones is the accidental infection of HIV in medical activities due to the negligence of others. After infection, physical condition, social discrimination, long-term medication, and possible adverse drug reactions can greatly degrade the […] More

  • What is AIDS?

    What is AIDS? Basic Knowledge of AIDS

    Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS is a highly harmful infectious disease caused by HIV infection. HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. It takes the most important CD4 T lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main target, destroying the cells in large quantities and depriving the body of immune function. Therefore, […] More

  • Eight Questions About AIDS

    Can AIDS Be Cured? Eight Questions About AIDS

    Do you know about AIDS? Want to prevent AIDS is the first to fully understand it. Let’s take a look at some of the big questions about the comparative controversy of AIDS. 1. What is the difference between an infected person and an AIDS patient? It takes a certain amount of time for the virus […] More

  • HIV and AIDS

    The Difference Between HIV and AIDS

    What is HIV? What is AIDS? HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus Immunodeficiency, HIV attacks our immune system, especially CD4 lymphocytes (and Macrophages macrophages). Long-term untreated HIV infection causes persistent loss of CD4 lymphocytes. Probably, the number of CD4 per year for HIV patients will drop by 80/mm3. CD4 lymphocytes are a very important part of […] More

  • Early Stages Of AIDS

    Do These Six Things In The Early Stages Of AIDS

    What to do in the early stages of AIDS 1. check cd4 / sickness Don’t be afraid to find yourself AIDS, since you have already got it, you must face it calmly. The first step is to go to the CDC to confirm the diagnosis and check the cd4/sickness. If you don’t take medicine for […] More